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Our story

In 1958 Gurunanak Dry Fruits was incorporated in Gwalior. In the 6 decades that followed, we rose to become the largest supplier of Dry Fruits in the city. We launched Frootas, our e-commerce vertical, to ensure that affordable and premium quality Dry Fruits can reach every doorstep across the country.


Business across the globe are judged mainly on their profit making capabilities. However, a few companies distance themselves from others based on product quality and customer experience. Frootas strives to bring affordable and premium quality Dry Fruits to every household.

In the years to come we don’t want to just increase our product sale. What we want to sell is the Frootas experience. Starting with someone landing on our website to then ordering something and eventually the product being delivered, every step matters to us.

The past decade has seen a tectonic shift in dietary patterns and people have incorporated many unhealthy eating habits. Our overall communication will be centred around making Dry Fruits, aka Powerhouse of Nutrients an integral part of our staple diet.

Hopefully in the years to come Frooats is worthy enough to be referred as “India Ka Dryfruit”.

Quality-Centric Approach

Frootas is driven from the standpoint of quality and all the products listed on our website have undergone the following processes:

  • Careful and precise sorting of all harvested nuts.
  • Temperature-controlled storage in the state of the art warehouses.
  • Moderated processing to minimize loss of nutrients.
  • FSSAI certified lab testing to meet established global standards.
  • Nitrogen flushing to preserve freshness.
  • Universal barcoding.

Our Values

FSSAI Certified Testing

Nitrogen Flushed Packaging

GS1 Barcodes

Quality-Centric Procurement

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