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We strive to ensure the delivery of affordable and premium quality Dry Fruits for our customers and a major part of our communication is centered around information on the quality and variety of Dry Fruits in the market.


Almonds across India can be classified into California, Moti, and Sanora

The major point of differentiation between the three varieties is size. Bigger the size, greater is the nutrient carrying capacity of the almond.

The price of any almond is directly proportional to its nutrient carrying capacity.

  • Badam California – most common, low nutrient carrying capacity.
  • Badam Moti – high nutrient carrying capacity.
  • Badam Sanora – premium quality almond.


India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of cashews. Almost all types of cashews available in the market today are Made in India.

Classification of cashews is based on number of cashews needed to weigh 1 pound.

  • Kaju 320 – smallest in size, 320 such cashews required to weigh 1 pound.
  • Kaju 240 – larger in size as compared to Kaju 320.
  • Kaju 210 – the largest cashew in our range.


Raisins are nothing but dried grapes and are classified based on their geographic origin.

  • Kishmish Indian – grown in India, this is the most common and cheapest variety of raisin in the market today.
  • Kishmish Kandhari – it is imported from Afganistan. In comparison to its Indian counterpart, it is more rounded and better in terms of overall quality.

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